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This Is the Only Course to Get This Type of Training
When you've completed this eCourse, you will be far better prepared to compete in solo events. You will have a much better understanding of the techniques needed to drive fast, and therefore, you will learn more in less time when you get behind the wheel.

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Meet the Instructor
Ross Bentley
Ross Bentley is a driver coach, author, and speaker. He has spent the past 40 years studying performance and race driving, initially in order to race at the highest levels of the sport himself. He is dedicated to helping others experience the same passion for driving a car at or near its limits as he has.
Ross has not only written eight performance driving books under the Speed Secrets name, but has coached and trained drivers all over the world. He has worked with top engineers, studied the mental game of driving, and raced in almost every type of car. This breadth of experience and knowledge makes him the perfect online driving coach for you.

What's Inside this eCourse?

Learn how to get the most out of your car.
Autocrossing at a high level requires an understanding of vehicle dynamics, such as weight transfer and handling characteristics, as well as cornering techniques. All (and more) are included in Performance Driving 101. You will gain a better understanding of how to get the most out of your car's controls, and prepare yourself to implement the skills that you learn out on the course. 

How to best utilize your vision while driving.

How to best use your throttle, brake pedal, and steering wheel.
How to shift gears positively, precisely, and with finesse.
Performance Driving 101
Vehicle Dynamics

How to manage weight transfer to control understeer and oversteer, and make your car drive the way you want.


How to determine and drive the ideal line through a turn.

Finally, A New Approach to Autocross Training

Learn. Prepare. Drive Fast.
Performance Driving 101 is a truly one-of-a-kind eCourse designed to prepare you to learn more when you compete in solo events. It will give you the knowledge you need so that every run will be more fun and educational. Through this eCourse, you will learn more in less time, be able to drive faster, and have more fun.
This eCourse provides you with the driving knowledge you need to know in bite-size, easily digestible pieces so that you can work your way through the entire course at your own pace. Take Performance Driving 101 at home or at an event - the choice is yours. During this eCourse you will learn...
"I love helping drivers and instructors perform even better"
"I've read almost every book written about performance driving. And I've taken almost every driving course (Bondurant, Skip Barber, ProFormance) but this is the best explanation and instruction I've experienced. Ross has managed to use state-of-the-art technology to make a course that is interactive and utilizes animation to explain performance driving. The emphasis stays on having fun, while creating smooth and skillful drivers. This is what the sport has needed! This should be a prerequisite for everyone who intends to drive their car on a race track."

- David Lightfoot
“The eCourse was full of useful, insightful information that really encapsulates what a beginner to our sport should know before buying a helmet and heading out to the track. It’s a great way to put everything in perspective of the key take-aways, and the important things to focus on before setting a wheel on track. It's an indispensable way of cutting through a lot of noise too many beginners in our sport muddle through on their first few days at an HPDE event, especially at schools where classroom may not be a strong or integral part of the curriculum.”
Rich de Asis
Preparing You for the Autocross Course
This eCourse equips you with the tools, knowledge, and know-how for when you get behind the wheel. It's impossible to learn how to drive a car simply from an eCourse - it's something that requires hands-on experience to truly learn what to do. But Performance Driving 101 will prepare you for the hands-on part. 
"As an HPDE classroom instructor, I see a lot of students who look like deer caught in between headlights at their first events. This course from Ross can not only prepare them for what they need to put into practice, but would also lower their anxiety, helping them to have more fun."

- Brian Ghidinelli
"These are the essential lessons every track driver needs to get started, compiled by someone who actually made it to Indy. Clear, concise, easy to understand. I wish this had been available when I entered the sport." 
Paul Conquest


"I can’t believe how much information is packed into this class. Ross has short video clips to explain the basic concepts every track-day or High Performance driver needs to understand to be fast and safe. He covers more than just the ‘how to’ points. Ross also explains the ‘why.’ If you don’t understand the ‘why’ involved in proper cornering, braking, acceleration, and car balance, you’ll struggle at the track. After each video a short Question & Answer section makes you think about what you are learning and how to apply it. The pace of the course is perfect. You can do one section (say on braking), practice it for a day or two and them come back to the next section. Or you can do the entire course in one session. Either way, the result is: accelerated learning, being smoother in the car and faster at the track. I can’t wait for the next eCourse."
Frank Greif
Q. Do you offer group or volume discounts?
A. We’d be happy to put together a special volume discount program for you. Just contact us here.
Q. I've participated in half a dozen driving schools. Would this eCourse help me?
A. Yes. Performance Driving 101 was developed specifically for drivers completely new to the sport, as well as those who have been participating for a little while, now. Having said that, we've had many experienced drivers tell us they got a lot out of the course - they learned some things, and it reminded them of a few techniques they should focus on to improve. Unless you know everything there is to know about performance driving, you will learn something that will help you be a better driver.
Q. How long does it take to go through the entire eCourse?
A. The entire eCourse is made up of 7 Units, and each Unit is made up of from 3 to 7 modules. The modules usually take anywhere from a minute to about 5 minutes to work through it, viewing the videos, reading the reminders tips, downloading PDFs of key learnings, and answering the “reinforcer” questions. Some drivers will go through the entire course in one sitting, in a little over an hour or so; most do a Unit or two, then take a break to let the info set in, and then go back for more. So you could take a few days to go through the entire course. In other words, it depends on the pace you want to set going through it, but we recommend taking your time, as that’s a better way for you to learn.
Q. What happens if I have questions about something in the course, or need clarification about something that's taught in it?
A. You can post a question in the Discussion forum that is part of the eCourse, and Ross will respond with an answer - you’ll receive it by email, and that question/answer exchange will be added to the forum for other users to see.


Q: Does the eCourse show video of a car going around corners to demonstrate how I should drive?

A. We use iRacing simulator cars and track video to demonstrate various driving techniques.


Q: Does the eCourse teach the same information that I’ve learned in my car club’s classroom session at the track? 

A. Some of the content is likely to be the same, although the delivery will be different. Ross has been teaching performance driving for more than three decades, so the content and delivery is very well-proven. Most importantly, often it’s how information is presented that makes it sink in and meaningful for you, so hearing the same content a different way can really help you learn even more.


Q. How many times can I take the eCourse?
A. As many times as you want. Once you’ve registered, the course is yours. You can go through the entire course, and then go back to certain topics and content to review whenever you want. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the course.


Q. Do I have to be on my computer to take the eCourse?
A. You can use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In fact, once you’ve registered, you can start the course at home on your laptop, pick up the next Unit on your tablet while sitting in your doctor’s waiting room, and then review content or do more of the course on your smartphone in between runs at an event.


Q: Is the content in the eCourse the same as in Ross’ Speed Secrets books?

A. Some of the content in the eCourse is in the books, but for most people, hearing and seeing it is easier to understand than just reading about it. After writing his Speed Secrets books, and with today’s technology, an eCourse was a natural extension of Ross’ passion for sharing his knowledge and experience.